Karen Cody (Katie)

Director (Programme Delivery)

Katie is a former West Midlands Police Officer with 30 years policing experience, with the majority of her exemplary service being as a PIP2 accredited detective investigator. She has been within the training environment since 2013; having obtained her Diploma in Education and Training from Worcester University. Katie has designed, written and delivered investigative training across the breadth of investigative skills; PIP2 Investigators, PIP2 Supervisors and Managers and PIP3 SIOs. She has developed specialist training skills in the covert policing arena; training some of the most complex and sensitive policing tactics. Her knowledge and skills have seen Katie stand as the ROCU representative at the National Board for Covert Policing. Katie is a qualified Specialist Suspect Interview Trainer; and has developed and delivered numerous specialist training programmes to investigators across the Midlands region.

Katie’s operational policing experiences are within the spheres of both overt and covert policing. She has led many serious and complex crime investigations, developing and implementing complex investigative strategies and deploying and managing resources in some of the most sensitive policing arenas. Her skills as an Investigator and as a trainer have received high acclaim, award and commendation.