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Level 6 Diploma in Serious and Complex Investigation

Incorporating the PIP 2 Detective Accreditation for Law Enforcement

Convert your PIP 2 Accreditation into a Level 6 Diploma

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At Equinox our students and their customers, the people they serve, are at the heart of everything we do. We think of our students as our alumni and as such we want the learning to go on in partnership beyond the training and development programmes we deliver.

Decision Management for Professionals

In a world with ever increasing pressures and workload, understanding the decision-making process and the need for auditable records is key to sustained success. This course develops the skills to understand the decision-making process, allowing the making of defensible and auditable records of decisions. This in turns provides the basis on which individual and organisational learning really can use the benefit of hindsight to continually improve.

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Suspect Interviewing Skills

The role of the suspect interview in investigation is crucial to ensuring a fair trial. Ensuring that suspects have an opportunity to give their side of the story and conducting a fair interview free from leading or oppressive questioning is vital.

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Witness Interviewing Skills

Witness evidence is at the heart of every investigation and securing that evidence ethically, accurately and compassionately while protecting the product of the interview is important to any successful prosecution.

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Advanced Suspect Interviewing

Professionalism and Integrity - The key concepts in delivering suspect interviews at the highest level. The role of Advanced Interviewer is to undertake investigative interviews for a range of investigations including; Major Crimes, Serious and Organised crime, Public Protection in conjunction with the lead investigator. They will assist in the development of interview strategies for interviews involving suspects.

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Introduction to Disclosure and The Criminal Procedure and Investigation Act 1996

Fairness and Justice. This foundational course on disclosure under the CPIA 1996 equips investigators with the knowledge to manage evidence effectively. It covers the act’s principles, the disclosure process, roles, and responsibilities, ensuring legal compliance. Participants will learn critical evaluation of evidence and meticulous record-keeping in complex cases, fostering ethical practices and clear communication within the criminal justice system of England and Wales. The course promotes integrity and transparency in legal proceedings.

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Advanced Disclosure Training

This course is a must for any law enforcement professional working at the serious and complex level. Up to date content including the latest advice from the Attorney General's Guidelines and HMRCFRS reviews.

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Cover Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) for Supervisors and Managers

Security and ethics. This course provides an understanding of covert human intelligence sources (CHIS) covers legal, ethical, and practical aspects of CHIS operations. It includes risk assessment, recruitment, handling, operational security, and welfare considerations, ensuring lawful and effective use of CHIS in investigations. Participants will learn the process of evaluating intelligence, maintaining records, and communicating securely, upholding the integrity of law enforcement practices within the regulatory framework of England and Wales. The course emphasizes ethical management and operational excellence.

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Covert Authorities (RIPA/IPA) Applicant / SRO

Covert authorities play a critical role in UK law enforcement. The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) outlines options for gathering intelligence and evidence through covert tactics. While traditional human collection methods decline, the shift toward technical methods addresses the challenges posed by crime in the digital realm. Balancing risk, support from senior ranks, and adapting to emerging trends are crucial for effective covert operations.

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Risk Assessment in Covert Investigation

This course on risk assessment in covert investigations equips law enforcement with the skills to identify, analyse, and mitigate operational risks. It emphasizes legal and ethical considerations within the RIPA framework, enhancing decision-making and operational planning. The course fosters clear communication, regular review, and professional development, ensuring investigators in England and Wales can manage risks effectively in covert operations, maintaining public trust and operational integrity.

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Open Source Internet Intelligence

Open Source Internet Intelligence (OSINT) plays a critical role for law enforcement, security agencies, and investigators. It enables efficient gathering of publicly available information from online sources, aiding criminal investigations, threat assessments, and decision-making

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Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984

A PACE course is vital for investigators as it ensures their actions are legally sound and ethically grounded. It provides a deep understanding of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, guiding evidence handling, arrest, and search procedures. This knowledge is crucial for upholding justice, maintaining public trust, and ensuring evidence is admissible in court, thereby enhancing the effectiveness and integrity of investigations within the legal framework of England and Wales.

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Crime Scene Management for Investigators

This course in crime scene management trains investigators in evidence preservation, collection, and documentation. It emphasizes scene security, legal protocols, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Participants will learn techniques for evidence identification, witness management, and health and safety, utilising technology to enhance crime scene analysis. The course aims to develop critical thinking for reconstructing events, ensuring meticulous crime scene management within the legal framework of England and Wales.

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Forensic Investigation and Searching

This course on forensic investigation and searching imparts essential skills in evidence handling, scene processing, and search techniques. It integrates legal knowledge with practical applications, emphasising technological advancements and laboratory analysis. Designed for law enforcement in England and Wales, the course fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and continuous professional development, preparing investigators to meet the challenges of modern forensic science and contribute effectively to criminal investigations.

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Exhibit Management and the Role of the Exhibits Officer

Accountability and integrity. The role and accountability of the exhibits officer is crucial for evidence integrity, legal admissibility, public trust, and maintaining a reputable image. It ensures accurate handling of physical evidence, adherence to legal requirements, and transparency, contributing to effective investigations

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Courtroom Skills and Giving Evidence

This courtroom skills course for investigators focuses on evidence preparation, witness testimony, and courtroom communication. It teaches legal procedures, ethical evidence presentation, and maintaining composure under cross-examination. Designed for law enforcement in England and Wales, the course prepares investigators to navigate the judicial process effectively, ensuring their contributions are impactful and professional. Continuous learning in legal updates and courtroom best practices is emphasized for ongoing competency.

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CCTV Supervision and Management

Ethical and transparent. This course equips investigators with the skills to effectively use CCTV in law enforcement. Covering operational standards, legal compliance, and evidence analysis, participants will learn to handle footage as court-admissible evidence, integrate technology, and continuously adapt to advancements in CCTV applications within the investigative framework in England and Wales.

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PIP 2 Investigators Development Programme

The Detective Course for Police and Law Enforcement. With developed assessment standards to accredit delegates with the PIP 2 Detective status. This course is also available with the level 6 Diploma in Serious and Complex Investigation award in conjunction with Skills for Justice.

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Evidence Review For Supervisors & Managers

Aimed at both the Police and the wider law enforcement community this short course brings together the latest advice for Supervisors and managers to assess the case management of staff.

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Digital Investigations

Developed by industry experts this course brings investigators up to date with the very latest in all things digital in investigations. The focus on this programme is very much digital skills for investigators.

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PIP 2 Supervisors and Managers Development Programme

The Detective Course for Sergeants, Inspectors and Staff Equivalent

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