Code of Ethics

Equinox Training Limited – Code of Ethics

Ethical behaviour is at the core of what it means to be part of Equinox Training Limited. Our professional behaviour allows us to work in partnership with other like-minded people in organisations who hold the same values.

Equinox Training, the directors and those that work for them, as employees or contractors will be professionals, who will demonstrate their commitment to our ethical code of conduct and adhere to all our ethical principles. Our ethical standards are:


Act with Integrity

We act in an honest and sincere way. When working with us you can expect the following behaviours or actions:

  • We are trustworthy
  • We are open and transparent in the way we work within the organisation and with our clients and partners. We will share appropriate and necessary information with our clients in a way that they can understand.
  • We will respect confidentiality when working with our clients and partners.
  • We will not share information with others unless it is appropriate and lawful to do so.
  • We will treat everyone that we have dealings with, with respect and dignity.
  • We will not allow prejudice, conflict of interest or undue influence of others to outweigh our professional or business decisions and responsibilities.
  • We will disclose where we see a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest between our employees, our clients and us.
  • We will not offer or accept gifts, hospitality or services, which might suggest an inappropriate obligation
  • We will act consistently in the public interest when dealing with our clients and partners.


Provide a High Standard of Service

We will ensure that our clients or partners, or others, to whom we have a professional responsibility, receive the best possible service, advise and support for the benefit of the public good, achieved in the following behaviours and actions:

  • We will be transparent about what service we will provide to our clients and partners
  • We will act within our scope of expertise; if we cannot offer a service we will decline or seek further assistance with the agreement of the client or partner.
  • We will be transparent with our pricing and other costs and payments, and back them up with supporting evidence
  • We will communicate with our clients and partners in a way that they can make informed decisions about working with us on any contract.
  • We will put the fair treatment of clients and partners at the centre of our business


Promote trust and confidence in our professional training service

We will act in a manner, in both our professional and private lives, that does not bring us or our clients and partners into disrepute, we will achieve this with the following behaviours and actions:

  • We will promote what your organisation stands for and embrace your own code of ethics in addition to our own
  • We understand that being professional is not only how you behave at work, but how you behave in private life
  • We encourage our clients and partners to challenge any behaviour that is not deemed to be acceptable and we will do the same within our own organisation and those that we work with
  • We will do what we say we will do


Treat others with respect

We will treat everyone with courtesy, politeness and respect and consider cultural sensitivities and business practices; we will achieve this with the following behaviours and actions:

  • We will always be polite, courteous and considerate to our clients and partners, potential clients and everyone else we come into contact with
  • We will never discriminate against anyone for whatever reason. We will ensure that issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, country of origin or disability have no place in the way that we deal with other people or do business


Being accountable and take responsibility

We will not blame others if things go wrong, and if we suspect something isn’t right, we will take action. We will achieve this with the following behaviours and actions:

  • We will always act with skill, care and diligence
  • If someone makes a complaint about something that we have done, then we will respond in an appropriate and professional manner with the aim of finding a resolution to the satisfaction of all involved
  • If we think something is not right, we will be prepared to question it and raise the matter as a colleague, or with the organisation that we are working for